Don’t take our word for it - read what people have said about our bush tours/retreats below

“The experience was beyond what I had expected it to be.  I thoroughly enjoyed every moment.  Everything was so professional; the guided walks, the camps, , the stories shared, the meditations, everyone was included and made feel so welcome.  It was an extra unexpected treat to meet Elliot and have a reading with him.  He was so nice and took us all into his heart and home.  I’ll never forget him and his infectious laugh.  I would highly recommend this trip to anyone.  Rod and Fiona were so hospitable and made sure everyone had such a great time.  11/10!”

Brid Meenan

“My experience of the trip was mind blowing and soul-healing.  The great stories and knowledge every day was excellent and very enjoyable and relaxing.  Completely took me away from all the stress that was happening in my life before I arrived here.  Thank you for bringing us to see Elliot.  I feel the cleansing was really important for me and the experience was very special.  Fiona you are so generous and caring in every way and it is beyond me how you think of everything.  I loved sitting by the camp fire every night and all the great food, all the lovely means and the secret sauce!  Thank you so much.  I loved being in the magic of Africa.  You have done an excellent job taking care of us.”

Gretta Brennan

“Brilliant experience - between the bush - Ballito and Drakensburg (Eliot) - it was a “holistic” visit - not one dimensional which made it all the more enjoyable.  Two highlights of the bush were the ‘Elephant’ meditation on the riverbed and the hyena experience.  The food throughout was delicious especially the braai pie.  Hettie at Sak ‘n Pak was very accommodating and helpful - also a great location.  Sundowners was a great idea - actually from the beginning it was all about fun - champagne at the airport - not what I was expecting!  Meeting Elliot and the mpepu was another unique African experience.  The knowledge of animal/plant life - Potato Bush, Nyala, etc leaves me with a zest for learning more.  Shakaland with the dance/tour/film was also worth the visit.”

Colm McGowan

“Coming to South Africa has been a dream come true.  To come was a big yes to the spirit of adventure and with you two as our tour guides it was such a rich, enriching and fun experience.  I have loved every day of the visit.  The bush time was magical, in particular the bush meditation (on the river bed), the early morning walks and the camp fires.  I could, and would, given the option, spend longer there.  Then Eliott - he did his job well and I feel I got to feel into an old festering qound and it’s exactly where I needed to go.  Having the back-up of yourself, Rod, and Fi with your skill with the cards.  I feel I have the best chance now to grow in the self confidence my soul longs for.  Thank you both so much for sharing so much of yourselves and what you love.  Getting to hang out with you both has been so nourishing.  Gra` more milteach.”

Eadaoin Ni Challarain

“It was an amazing experience of the bush.  I loved particularly the walks with the guard and Rod.  So much interesting information and up close and personal experience in nature with life all around.  I have so many wonderful memories of landscape, water activity, night adventures and encounters with animals.  The meditation on the sandbank hearing and feeling the elephant approach was a highlight.  I could not have enjoyed a more wonderful trip with two of the most engaging, thoughtful and generous people (Rod and Fiona).  It was definitely a trip I will remember for the rest of my life. Heartfelt thanks to you both.”

Anne-Marie Ellison

“It was fantastic, I felt like pieces of my soul were put together, pieces that I never knew that I had. Both of you were very generous with you time, your energy and in your sharing of your lives. So a big Thank you ;-)  The only thing I would have liked differently is more time.”

Aideen O’Brien