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Next Retreat - Gouganne Barra

Mary said, “Know when to retreat and when to live. When you retreat be silent and die to yourself, so that you might be alive in the Spirit. When you live, be alive and vibrant, and rejoice each day in the presence of the Divine -Gospel of Mary Magdalene, (v100) Gnostic Gospels

Those who have done a retreat in the past need neither explanation nor encouragement – the benefits are simply phenomenal (in the true sense of the word!) For those who have never experienced it a retreat is a major growth point on the path; a safe place and time to explore who and what you really are away from the madness of the daily grind.

There is a limited opportunity to join us for an extended four day retreat in the magical setting of Gougane Barra in April. These retreats are extremely popular so interested parties should contact the organiser, Mary Mc Carthy, as soon as possible. Contact details on our website: http://www.mindlinkfoundation.com/Events%20schedule.html

The retreat will cover aspects of soul and consciousness expansion from various traditions including: North American Indian, Celtic, Shamanistic, Seidr, Raja Yoga, Sufi and others and is suitable for beginners through to advanced students.

As always there will be time for specific topics from individual attendees; those wishing to have particular items included should email me before the end of March with the details. There will also be time for stillness and introspection as well as one on one opportunities with myself.  Those who want specific topics covered are welcome to e mail me prior to the retreat and I will include them in the lectures.

Please bring a cushion /yoga mat, note book, torch and heavy-weather clothing as well as any book that you have found inspiring.

There are only a few rooms available so timeous booking is necessary.

I look forward to the journey

It is helpful to focus on stillness, in your daily life, as much as possible for a few days prior to the retreat.

As always there is an early bird discount

Previous attendee’s comments:

"Am leaving in a much better place than when I came. Loved every minute of it." Mary O'Brien

"Nourishment for my soul. Loved it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." Gabrielle McAuley

"Very special - powerful and I enjoyed it more than I could have imagined." Ben McAlear

"I can't begin to truly describe in words my experience over the three days." Namh O'Brien

“I had a fantastic time, the most perfect time.  It was energetically delicious in every way possible” Eileen Murrey

I don't know the right words to say something better about Rod Briggs' Seminars, Courses and Retreats: I've tried just a few of them, and I am A-M-A-Z-E-D by every single phrase, concept and detail. I said in the past that it did MORE than changing my life, that it surprised me with the deep understanding it gave me: well, it did that for me again, and more - limitless possibilities awaiting in a boundless, pure, authentic, loving World. Just THANK YOU for your Work, Rod; THANK YOU for having changed this week in a Work of Art, a Masterpiece - Luca Poli

A far cry from bread and water and flagilation. We will be in the comfortable environment of the Gouganne Barra Hotel http://www.gouganebarrahotel.com/

Please direct any enquiries through Mary  at  085 121 5984 carthaigs@eircom.net or by  sending us an email to info@mindlinkfoundation.com

Accommodation at Gouganne Barra is EXTRA and you would be required to book your accommodation directly with them  or please contact Mary McCarthy who will advise you further in this regard.