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Over the years Rod Briggs, through the Mindlink Foundation, was featured in many media articles.  Below are links to some of the more interesting ones.


Ingrid Shevlin, Sunday Tribune, South Africa, February 1990

Jonathan Philbin-Bowman, Irish Times, Ireland,  February 1998.

Patricia Devine, Irish Independent, Ireland, March 1998

Fiona McDonald, The Mercury, South Africa, 10 September 1998

Rowan Philp, Sunday Times, South Africa, 1999

Eileen Bennett, Galway Now, Ireland, 2001

Galway Newspaper, 2003

Corporate Health, South Africa, Volume 2, No 1.

Michèle Horgan, Irish Examiner, June 2005

Positive Life, Ireland, March 2008

Irish Independent March 2008

Rowan Philip, Sunday Times 1990