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Text Copy of Article from Positive Life, Ireland, March 2008

Beyond the self-help books – way beyond…is a man; Rod Briggs – who has changed thousands of lives dramatically for the better. Your mind…yes, your very own mind…is far more advanced and sophisticated than the most modern

computer today. Think about that. Incredible, wouldn’t you say. But only if you are aware of the potential of your mind and you are in control…in the driver’s seat.

Are you going to spend the rest of your life "hoping" your mind and your life will suddenly "leap" to its potential? Deep down you know You are responsible for YOU. Your own future lies not in your own hands…but in your own MIND, and you have the power to make your mind do anything you want it to…especially if you have a proven map…a way to your own future. Imagine being in control of your life – not just reacting to what Happens to you. Enter Rod Briggs. He can show you how to take control of your life.

Open the treasure chest of your mind.

Rod Briggs can show you the way in just one weekend. It is not a mystery. It’s a method. It does not matter if you are a manager, executive, teacher, coach, salesperson, consultant, secretary, psychologist, speaker, minister, entrepreneur, or

parent, the techniques you can learn through the Mindlink Foundation will be useful and helpful to you immediately.   It will change your life.

The Mindlink Foundation is dedicated to the accelerated emotional, physical and spiritual awareness in each life it touches

and most especially…your life and future.




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