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Pathway to Peace Workshop

Calm Your Mind

It is too easy to find ourselves sucked in to the “woe is me” mindset which so easily follows. Those of us who have started to develop our thinking abilities need to pay extra care to our negative thoughts and emotions as these are just as powerful as our positive ones; remember “thoughts, when focused, are ten times more powerful than when scattered!” that’s all our thoughts – not just the positive ones. 

Building on the HQ techniques taught in Module 1 the Pathway to Peace  is a two-day workshop which expands on our understanding of the causes of individual suffering, and allows us to lift the veil on our actions and the emotions behind them. It uses both conscious and subconscious techniques to bring our awareness to the source of peace in our life.  It is necessary to have done Module 1 prior to attending this workshop.

As this is a very comprehensive workshop, the contents would be impossible to fully outline here.  Some of the topics covered are:

This workshop is suitable for all - no completion of previous Mindlink© workshops needed.