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Neurobiology of Excellence Module 1 Expansion Seminar

This workshop is designed to expand the usage of the subconscious tools learned in the Module 1 Seminar.  As the amount of information given in the Module 1 Seminar is so all-encompassing this further two-day workshop expands on many of the topics covered in the initial seminar (Module 1). 

Specific attention is given to:

Process of Thought - Understanding the divisions of our mind into conscious, subconscious and creative subconscious and their interactions.

Scotomas - The "Blind Spots" we create in our lives and how to overcome them.

Reticular Activating System - What makes our goals and dreams achievable or not.

Cognitive Dissonance - The imbalance caused when our inner mental picture does not agree with what we are trying to achieve.

Power Talk - How we habitually interact with our different levels of mind as well as with other people.

Master Consciousness - Harnessing the power of all the different aspects of our psyche.

Teleological Systems - How our inner guidance system works.

Gestalt - The balance created when we achieve homeostasis - when all aspects of our self work together.

Future Log - The most powerful method of goal / dream realisation.

Accessing the Alpha state with eyes open during every day activity

Working with intuition

Working with mechanical objects

Locating lost objects

Instant access to the Head Quarters

Advanced subconscious communication and conflict resolution

Dream realisation

Putting the Assistants to greater use

Using Alpha whilst travelling/driving

Additional HQ uses

Starting with a revision of the Module 1 Seminar, we will explore the above in detail as well as expanding the "conscious awareness" of the delegates in all areas of  the intuitive subconscious state.

Additional HQ techniques will include: