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Mind and Body Workshop

Reach Your True Mind-Body-Link Potential

This is for delegates who wish to take the healing techniques learned on the Module 1 Seminar to the next level.

Stress, depression and other psychological factors can alter our vulnerability to many diseases including bacterial and viral infections, heart disease and cancer. Relationships between mind and health are mediated both by our behaviour and by our biological connection between the brain and the immune system.  These connections work in both directions, so our physical health can influence our mental state and vice versa.

In the land of the sick, emotions reign supreme.  Hormones released under stress such as adrenaline, noradrenaline, cortisol and prolactin, as well as beta-endorphins and enkephalins all have strong impacts on our immune cells.  This is because stress suppresses immune resistance temporarily as an energy conservation.  If stress is of a protracted period the suppression can become serious.

The autonomic nervous system contacts the immune system via lymphocytes and macrophages, therefore thoughts impact on immunity.  Tests with the cold virus, cancer and heart disease reveal increases due to stress and depression of 174%, 550% and 400% respectively (New England Journal of Medicine 1991, No 325).

Two implications of the above are:

With all of the above in mind, this seminar deals with techniques to help delegates reach their true mind-body link potential.