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So… you are on the way to entering the adult world.

Confused? You bet!   What next?

Most of us leave school, or even tertiary education, with very few life skills. We have been taught what to think but not how to think. Because of this we are ill equipped to make the best choices, and, here’s the important bit…The choices we make define the life we will have!!

Want to learn to maximize your potential?

Want to learn how to overcome self doubts and self-sabotage?

Need to know the secrets of the super successful?

Here’s how:Join International mind sciences consultant Rod Briggs for a day packed with fun and learning of a simple, proven method of sorting out all the complicated stuff and kick start the next part of the adventure which your life should become

This workshop is suitable for all - no completion of previous Mindlink© workshops needed.

Life Skills Workshop for Young Adults