Rod Briggs founded the Foundation in 1998 to answer the lack in modern education. From primary school upwards we are never taught how to think but rather what to think; we become adept at reading writing and ‘rithmatic but have no idea about the processes that drive us. Time Magazine called the human brain the “greatest feat of engineering in the known universe…”and yet the vast majority of people are never taught how to use the wonder that is inside us. We have become a society of under achievers.  The various techniques taught by the Foundation are designed to teach us how our psyche works, at all levels, and this, in turn allows us to live life more effectively. With a basis in tried and trusted cognitive behavioural and critical thinking techniques the Foundations’ work engenders peak performance in all areas of life. The Foundations’ work has been used by Olympic athletes, business leaders, tertiary institutions, governments and medical professionals from all over the world.

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