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In view of the current world crises and as a way of giving back to society I have chosen to make Rod Briggs’ Behavioural Self Management Module 2 course available freely to anyone who wishes to take advantage of it.  At times like these I think we could all benefit from examining our thoughts, attitudes and belief systems so as to prepare us for the new world that awaits.

Feel free to download your manual here and work through it over 21 days.  

Should you have questions or feedback, please direct those to info@mindlinkfoundation.com

What is this course all about? In a nutshell:


An Addictive Thought System is a mental pattern or programme that causes an emotional reaction when triggered.  If the world does not fit in with the programmed pattern in your mind it causes emotions like anger, worry, anxiety, jealousy, fear, depression etc.

For each addiction that you harbour you pay a price in lost happiness.  Even the so called ‘good addictions’ bring misery because they are in time and space and therefore pass away.

These addictions, or hang-ups, as they are sometimes called, colour the way you see the world.  We therefore find ourselves in the endless struggle of trying to change the world out there so that it doesn’t cause us all of this misery.  The attempt is futile.

What we have to do is to let go of our addictions and develop ACCEPTANCE of that which we want.  In fact:


If you think about it all that we really want is security, love, peace, and happiness.  These things are your birthright and are freely available to you now.

The reason that you are not experiencing them right now is because you are stuck in the lower three chakras of Survival, Sensation and Power.  These centres are governed by the ego, which believes that you are separate from the universe and therefore it has to fight the universe and other people in order to reclaim its birthright.

As it takes 21 days to change an addictive thought pattern, the following 21 lessons will enable you break down these addictive blocks and allow you to dis-cover the true self.

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