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Suzanne Mulholland decided that she wanted a chance on the UK television show, Deal Or No Deal, so she set about it using techniques she had learned through the Mindlink Foundation.  She won the jackpot prize! Find out more and watch the last 15 minutes of the game below.

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“Game show winner credits Mindlink Foundation

with giving her the tools for recent £250,000 win”


“The Self-help Lesson that Helped Me Win £250,000”

Irish Independent (Below)

Irish Independent Jan 2 2012 Transcript of article

Many people look for self-improvement books and courses each New Year.  Anita Guidera reports on one that really worked out for a young Sligo woman.

       At just 24 years old, Suzanne Mulholland owns her own home, runs a successful business and has the claim to fame of being only the third contestant to walk away with the £250,000 jackpot on the Channel 4 hit game show, Deal Or No Deal.

     It has gone down as one of the most thrilling games ever seen on Deal Or No Deal, not least because a steely-nerved Suzanne turned down the highest ever offer of £165,000 (€199,000) in an attempt to uncover the elusive quarter of a million pounds (€400,000).

     Hosted by Noel Edmonds, Deal Or No Deal is a game show in which contestants are confronted with sealed briefcases containing varying amounts of cash and play or deal for a top prize of £250,000.

     Irish woman Suzanne was working in Bristol at the time of the show last year, but after her big win promptly packed her bags, purchased her dream home in Dromahair and fulfilled her childhood ambition of opening a beauty salon in her home town of Sligo.

     But she is adamant that her extraordinary victory – on Friday the 13th – was not down to luck but to a calculated high-risk strategy, in which she gave nothing away, held her cool and pitted herself against the banker.

     She credits her calmness and decisiveness to the mind-training skills she honed after attending a weekend-long Mindlink Foundation training seminar in Ballina when she was 14-years old.  “Without Mindlink I wouldn’t have had the intuition to win my game in that I wouldn’t have listened to my gut instinct,” she explained.

        The Mindlink Foundation (www.mindlinkfoundation.com), established by Rod Briggs in 1998, teaches “whole-brain training” to access one’s full potential.  It claims that through the various training stages, intuition expands and the ability to think critically and react in stressful situations is enhanced.

     Suzanne has been applying it to her life since, culminating with the Deal Or no Deal win last December, which has made her a poster girl for the Mindlink Foundation.  “I started to use it straight away.  It is absolutely mind-blowing.  It is not invasive.  You are not being brain-washed.  It is about reaching you own potential.  It has helped me with exams.  It helped me with my confidence.  I have used it constantly since.” She said.  She stresses that Deal or no Deal is not a game of chance.  “It is more a game of psychology and decisions.  When pressure kicks in, that is when people start to change and the stress hits them about how much a particular amount of money might change their lives.  The reality is that the £250,000 has been on the table hundreds of times in the past six-and-a-half-years and people don’t go for it.  The banker always looks for your weak point which makes this more of a game of psychology”, she explained.

      Suzanne doesn’t even put her selection from 145,000 applicants down to chance.  “I never like to use the word destiny.  I like to think we create our future.  I always believed I would have gotten a call for an audition purely because when I applied I tried to make it stand out,” she said.

     Once in the game she set in train her strategy of trusting her intuition, not commenting on others’ games – so that she wouldn’t give away anything about her own – and never asking for advice or delaying answers.  “When I realised I had won, it was like I woke up and got the biggest fright of my life.  I couldn’t catch air for the life of me.  Later that night I woke up from my sleep and there were tears running around my face”.  

      Suzanne now frequently speaks at Mindlink seminars about her experience.  “It is so much more than just Deal Or No Deal.  It is like a mental tool-kit for everything you need in life.  People engage with me so easily because of this energy I carry around with me.  The main thing is that it teaches you to live your life in balance, mentally, physically and emotionally,” she said