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Path of the Masters

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

Since our earliest histories there have always been great teachers of spiritual science whose soul purpose was to illuminate the path to eternity for those with “eyes to see and ears to hear”; from Loa Tzu to Babaji, Buddha to Jesus and the modern masters such as Steiner and Krishnamurti, they all taught what is known in mystic circles as Sant Mat- The Path of Saints. It can be found at the core of all spiritual traditions.

The Mindlink Foundations Rod Briggs, an international teacher with a lifetimes experience, presents a précis of The Path of the Masters – but stripped of Dogma and Creed,  information at the core of the teachings but devoid of any religious overtones.

This will take the form of lectures and meditations on the different aspects of the Work as well as Kirtan, Kriya and questions and answer sessions. Please bring suitable clothing as well as cushions & yoga mats etc.

As places are extremely limited please contact the organiser as soon as possible.

This workshop is suitable for all - no completion of previous Mindlink© workshops needed.