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A proper understanding of life is impossible without taking into account the “unseen” aspects, from our deeper subconscious to the energy at the heart of the universe. Since time immemorial the cogniscenti have known this. Their ability to work with these subtle energies made them amongst the most powerful and enigmatic  people of their times. At the very heart of this knowledge was an understanding that all growth is predicated on increased consciousness.

Mindlink Foundation offers a full back up, long distance learning course on Metaphysics for the serious student. It takes the form of a series of lectures, backed up by assignments and essays, which will build up to a complete treatise on the subject from Aristotle to Zoroaster. Please note that this is an intense course of long term study which will entail work in addition to the lectures given. No prior experience is necessary as your tutor will tailor the level of the work to suit the individuals need. Starting with Aspirant and running through the Neophyte (Apprentice) and Acolyte (Practitioner) levels to Adept (Master), it will culminate in certification upon completion.

Designed to give the student full insight into the way that both the seen and unseen worlds work in harmony from environs of pure energy through to the denser realms of physical matter.

This program includes:

Please contact the Mindlink Foundation for full details of the curriculum, which is extensive, or for details on how to subscribe to this service by emailing metaphysics@mindlinkfoundation.com


Metaphysics – Beyond Reality to Actualisation